Working with neural networks does not look like a standard programming process. More like science, based on showing the pattern. Check this:

  • in on the input, we have low-resolution graphics, while on the output we have to get a high resolution.

  • At the beginning of cooperation with the neural network, we set random parameters From the moment of entry, the neural network learns how to create good-quality graphics with the help of various transformations

  • The network counts an error by analyzing the difference between the input (the starting image) and the output (the final image). Then it modifies the weights so that the difference between successive exits is as small as possible.

  • The learning and creation process is based on algorithms (filter sets). Neural network assimilates information about a given edge so that in the end the line is smooth.

Application operation is based on the iterative process, which brings the final graphics almost to perfection.

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